Excellence in Communication Speaker Series

Fri, Mar 08, 2024   2:00 PM ‐ 4:30 PM



2-3:15pm - Media's Influence on Intergroup Relations 
Speaker - Dr. Muniba Saleem, University of California, Santa Barbara 

3:15-4:30pm - Internationalization in Communication Research: Experiences Studying Social and Mobile Media Across the Globe
Speaker - Dr. Pranav Malhotra, University of Michigan 

Speaker Bios:

Muniba Saleem is an Associate Professor at the University of California Santa Barbara. She studies how media affects interpersonal and intergroup relations between racial, ethnic, and religious groups using social scientific methods. Muniba has studied the effects of media representations of marginalized groups in violent contexts on hostile attitudes and support for harmful policies towards depicted members.

Pranav Malhotra is an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan Department of Communication and Media. His research focuses on how the affordances of social and mobile media intersect with cultural and relational norms to influence how people engage with information and each other in mediated spaces, especially in understudied social and political contexts.

This event will be held at the Communication Arts & Sciences building in Room 145.