CAS 835 Sample Lesson "Steps To Brand Building"


  • Define brand resonance
  • Describe the steps in building brand resonance
  • Define the brand value chain
  • Identify the stages in the brand value chain
  • Contrast brand equity and customer equity

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Select and purchase two similar brands in a product category. Be sure when you choose these brands that you choose something you like and are interested in. Another portfolio assignment will require you to use these same brands. Be sure the brands are similar in package size, flavor (if applicable) and price. Take a picture of the two brands you selected and turn these images in with the written narrative. Examine all aspects of each brand, including packaging and its information, ingredients, price, taste it (if applicable). Then answer the following questions: 

1. What type of product is it-search, experience or credence? Explain. 

2. Complete table below

3.In your opinion, to what extent are these PODs desirable (consumer perspective), deliverable (feasible & communicable-company perspective), distinctive and superior?

4. Discuss which brand you think has done a better job of differentiating itself and explain why. If you believe these brands are equal in their differentiating ability, then explain why.

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