CAS 835: Branding and Image Communication

Course Description

In this course you will examine the power and value of branding and using consumer-based brand equity to differentiate a product, service or company from its competitors. Related issues include the way brands are created, managed and grown, and extensions under the brand umbrella.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance, purpose and nature of branding.
  • Gain an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of Consumer Based Brand Equity and the factors that influence CBBE.
  • Differentiate between products, brands and logos.
  • Understand the importance of brands and branding communication efforts.
  • Apply the elements of consumer based brand equity to known brands.
  • Understand of the relationship of multiple brands held by a single organization, as well as the problems and opportunities associated with co-branding.
  • Develop a personal vision of how one can contribute to brand development.

Intro Lesson

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CAS 835 intro Lesson