CAS 827: Digital Media Strategies

Course Description

The integration of new and social media in marketing strategies is inevitable. While the majority of strategic communication professionals (92 percent) see value and place high importance on social media marketing, less than half of them feel confident about the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts. Much of the investment in social media strategies has been bound to trial and error. With this in mind, this advanced course in digital media strategies is designed to provide an in-depth overview of new and social media marketing strategies. More importantly, the course applies advertising, consumer psychology, social psychology and marketing to ensure the effectiveness of social media marketing strategies. From understanding user personas, to assessing the impacts of social media tactics, to measuring overall strategy effectiveness, this course will provide students with the theoretical and practical understanding of how persuasion and engagement work in the new media age. In addition to understanding these phenomena theoretically, students will be exposed to recent successful and unsuccessful case studies, as well as engage in hands-on practice to develop a social media marketing campaign.

Learning Objectives

  • To provide students with an overview of social media marketing strategies and their latest trends through discussion, design and knowledge application.
  • To develop a theory based understanding of social media audiences using interdisciplinary perspectives.
  • To provide students with an assortment of research-based tools to plan and implement effective social media campaigns.
  • To explore evidence-based tools for evaluating the e effectiveness of social media in realizing marketing aims and objectives.
  • To discuss and understand the ethical issues related to social media marketing.


Sample Lesson

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CAS 827 Sample Lesson