Master of Arts in Journalism Tuition and Funding

There are many ways to fund your graduate education at MSU. About 230 Journalism students receive scholarships from the School of Journalism, the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Journalism scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students, and range from several hundred dollars to a full year of tuition.

There are also limited opportunities for assistantships, or a variety of financial aid options to fund your program. Here are a few helpful resources: 

  • Tuition Calculator
  • In-state tuition eligibility
  • Billing FAQ
  • Office of Financial Aid
  • Emergency Funds
  • Council of Graduate Students Funding. Funds are available through the 13 MSU colleges with graduate programs. Student must be enrolled in a degree-granting program, be enrolled in the semester they are to receive the funds, and be in good academic standing. The Associate Dean for Graduate Education of each college decides how these funds are dispersed. A number of different models are used. For acceptable practices used in your department, please contact your Director of Graduate Studies. Examples of how these funds have been used by departments in the college in the past include – _but are not limited to: conference travel to support paper presentations, research support, merit, emergency funding and recruitment. Students who are requesting funding for travel to conferences should complete the Graduate School Travel Funding Request form. The forms and all supporting documentation should be turned into the Grad Office (340 Com Arts). Students who are requesting funding for items other than travel should email the Director of Graduate Studies with their specific request. Students should cc: the Grad Office at
  • Information in regard to Graduate Assistantships can be found at the Grad School. Assistantships are rarely awarded to M.A. students because priority is given to Ph.D. students. - MA students interested in obtaining a Teaching Assistantship should send their resume and a cover letter to the department chair. MA students interested in obtaining a Research Assistantship should be directed to send their resume/vita and cover letter to faculty members actively participating in areas of research related to the student’s interest.