Zoey Berghoff Juggles Multiple Sales and Marketing Internships

Advertising + PR junior Zoey Berghoff transferred to MSU as a sophomore and has taken every opportunity on and off campus. After classes, she attends her internships and client meetings while still making time for her homework and portfolio website each night. She is a full-time student, director of MSU’s VIM Magazine and a sales and marketing intern. Despite all her success, she credits MSU for the resources and skill set she has obtained in the last two years.

“Being a transfer student, I have realized how much MSU has to offer to their students,” Berghoff said. “There are so many opportunities through Handshake and student organizations for students to take advantage of.”

Berghoff has become an interview expert, receiving her fourth internship in the last year. Over the summer, Berghoff accepted a sales and management internship with Buckle in Novi and a marketing internship with Magnetic in Ann Arbor. Now that she’s back on campus for the spring semester, she is also a marketing intern for Cristo Rey Community Center and a sales intern for Paramount Coffee in Lansing.

Interview Preparation

Interviews are nerve-racking with so much on the line, but with enough practice, they can become easy conversations. Through her experience, Berghoff has found that confidence is one of the reasons she has become so successful in interviews.

“You have to be comfortable talking about yourself,” Berghoff said. “No one knows the work and long hours you have put into projects more than yourself. Have a five minute speech prepared about what you have done and what it has taught you.”

In order to get over the awkwardness of promoting herself, Berghoff practiced talking about her work with her roommates several times before each interview. She was able to summarize and give examples of everything on her resume.

Managing Multiple Internships

With a strong work ethic, Berghoff uses her organization and time management skills to handle her full workload.

“You have to be organized in everything that you do,” Berghoff said. “I have to write everything down in a calendar and plan ahead weeks in advance. If I am going to be out of the office, I make sure that I am making up for the hours another way.”

Berghoff makes sure to keep an open dialogue with her bosses for the times when schedule conflicts arise. Be willing to do the work if you are going to commit to a job or leadership position in a student organization.

Berghoff continues to mentor her peers and share the experiences she has obtained over the last two years. She continues to balance her multiple internships during and is networking in hopes of finding positions for the summer.

By Brooke Segal