Runways and Resumes: How VIM Magazines Can Be a Career Catwalk

VIM Magazine, a student-run fashion, health, beauty and lifestyle magazine on campus, is one of MSU’s largest organizations. It hosts a myriad of students and backgrounds. From journalism and public relations to marketing and textile design, there’s something for everyone, and its 19 teams keep this well-oiled machine running. 

“Since we’re such an established club, we run more like a business than an organization,” Creative Director Kate Blaszkiewicz said. “For me especially, it’s a very valuable asset to have on my resume because it’s unique and applicable to the professional world. Lots of employers I’ve met have been very interested in it.”  

The organization bolsters vital skills in the journalism, business and fashion worlds while also working as a fun creative outlet. Gabriella Lopez, a senior journalism student and public relations director, credits VIM with helping her land internships and certain career opportunities.  

“Gaining experiences so young, learning how to write press releases, reach out to companies, work with a team and come up with strategies has been the best,” Lopez said. “I wouldn’t have been able to get certain internships or meet people I’ve met without VIM. It’s amazing.” 

At bi-monthly VIM meetings, experts from different publications and fashion organizations—Vogue, TJX, GQ, just to name a few—frequently communicate with members through a Q&A panel format. Guest speakers often even give contact information for which members are encouraged to connect one-on-one.  

This direct line of communication, according to Editor-in-Chief Lily Champigne, might be hard for students to come by without an organization like VIM.  

“We always ask our speakers at the end of the meetings if our members can connect with them,” Champigne said. “I know so many people that have reached out and formed those connections afterward, had a meeting with them and created a relationship. If you’re consistent with it, you really build something great and you just wouldn’t get that experience without VIM.” 

VIM also played a major role in altering both Lopez’s and Blaszkiewicz’s career trajectories in ways they would have never expected.  

“VIM had a giant role in me adding my second major,” Blaszkiewicz said. “Fashion has always been a hobby of mine, but I came in strictly as a business student. Once I started diving into what VIM did, I realized how much I loved fashion and that I couldn’t ignore it anymore.”  

Aside from all the career growth opportunities, the organization, according to, Blaskiewicz, Champigne and Lopez, is a collaborative and gratifying environment.  

“Everyone in the organization is so passionate about what they’re doing,” Champigne said. "Until I came to college, I didn’t realize how many people truly cared about the same things that I did.” 

“It’s awesome,” Lopez said. “I’ve never seen a student magazine like ours that has this level of quality. If you want that sense of passion and community, join VIM. There’s something for everyone. Find that passion, follow it and VIM will give you the stepping stones to do so."


By: Stella Govitz