Transforming Creativity Into Compassion

 Abbey Niedermier, a creative advertising senior, works as a social media and communication intern for ShesUnCovered. She built the nonprofit’s Instagram, updated the website, but most importantly, worked toward a cause close to her heart and used her creativity for good—something she desires to do in every role she assumes. 

ShesUnCovered is a Lansing nonprofit offering accessible skin care, confidence coaching and special event services to bald women and those experiencing hair loss. Niedermier said its central mission is making clients feel beautiful.   

“A lot is left unsaid about hair loss,” Niedermier said. “People feel very othered by hair loss, especially when it’s alopecia, because people assume that they’re sick or they have cancer. The case for a lot of women is this feeling of disconnectedness and feeling very different.” 

To highlight clients, one of Niedermier’s latest projects was creating a calendar showcasing these women and sharing their personal journeys. 

“This was my favorite project I’ve worked on so far because I got to talk to these women and share their stories,” she said. “It’s been very well received, which is amazing. It also helps fundraise for the nonprofit so it can offer more services.” 

Though ample strategy and planning is necessary for Niedermier’s job, landing the position came about through chance. 

“It’s funny, because my roommate was on a plane to L.A.,” she said. “And the founder of the nonprofit, Nekeyta, was sitting next to her and (my roommate) mentioned that I’m in advertising and I would love to work for nonprofits and use my writing and creativity for good. It kind of fell into my lap; I didn’t really search for it.” 

Niedermier also has a keen understanding and relationship to the organization’s goals. 

“I have a very personal connection to hair loss,” she said. “My mom went through breast cancer when I was young, and I saw her lose her hair and how that affected her livelihood and confidence in herself. She really didn’t want to leave the house without a scarf. It was really a coincidence that this came to me, but I’m so grateful that this is how it came.” 

Niedermier’s time at ShesUnCovered certainly gave her the necessary soft skills to pursue her creative advertising career path, but also laid the foundation for her to dive into her true passion: utilizing her talents to help others. 

“I want to use my copywriting skills for good and ideally work for a larger nonprofit or for an organization or agency that focuses on public health and any intersection between organizations that help humanity,” she said. “I would be happy in any organization that allows me to highlight other voices in an accessible and impactful way.” 

By Stella Govitz