Students Create Unique Calendars to Celebrate Month of December

The Advertising + Public Relations Department announced the winners of the December Calendar Contest, letting the artistry of students shine as they completed festive wall calendars celebrating a diverse range of holidays and events.

Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Paula Storrer, students in the Advanced Creative Media course (ADV 326) created unique posters for the contest. Each poster displays the month of December and depicts ways the winter season is celebrated across different cultures and communities.

In the spirit of celebration and giving, the posters were printed and exhibited on the first floor of the ComArtSci building near the Deeb Conference Room and free prints were handed out to students. The posters were also made available to students, faculty and staff to download and share.

In December, ComArtSci's Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lauren Gaines McKenzie announced the winners of the contest. The winners of the contest included:

  • Rebecca Sharpe, with two winning posters
  • Mackenzie Stoy, with two winning posters
  • Grant Dehner
  • Madison Stoy

Other students who competed included:

  • Anna Anderson
  • Nicole Borchenko
  • Brianna Cohen
  • Gabrielle Raines
  • Julianna Lindquist
  • Kayli Pomper
  • Manuel Perez
  • Remy Pazner
  • Wenwen Yang
  • Yi Shen
  • Zoe Ryder
  • Yvonne Yang
  • Tingyu Tang
  • Elias Naddaf
  • Zoe Ryder
  • Mouna Zarghami

View some of the posters below or view the full collection on Facebook

Design by Nicole Borchenko

Design by Mackenzie Stoy

Design by Madison Stoy

Design by Grant Dehner

Design by Rebecca Sharpe

Design by Zoe Ryder

Design by Wenwen Yang