Steph Pajot Interns at UFC in Las Vegas

ComArtSci student athlete Steph Pajot translated her interest in sports into an internship with UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, in Las Vegas last summer. Pajot, an advertising management major, has a minor in sports business and hopes to tailor her career toward working in the sports industry.

As the Global Partnerships Intern, Pajot never experienced a dull moment in the day. She worked on both the sales and activation aspects of the business, prospecting well-fitting clients and being able to explain what would make their partnership effective, as well as putting together mid-year recaps and onboarding decks for new clients. Along with that, Pajot coordinated with venues to put together event after-parties, making sure all exclusivity contracts were followed and ensuring that the events ran smoothly.

Not only was Pajot given major responsibilities each day, but she was working with employees across all levels of the organization. She had the opportunity to work with people very high up within UFC and show them her work ethic and abilities.

“I was working with the CFO, the CEO and SVPs all the time, and being that it was such a big organization, I didn’t think I would come into contact with those people as an intern,” Pajot said. She said UFC made sure that there was a linear order of operation within the organization, and they didn’t care what level you were, so long as you could get the job done you. Every person, from an SVP to an intern, was respected equally within UFC.

Going from a small town in Michigan to working five minutes from the Las Vegas strip was a wake-up call for Pajot. It became clear early in the summer that work was not always traditional at UFC. Oftentimes, work consisted of managing the events and parties that she put together while also hanging out around the pool. She met Adam Sandler and other celebrities at events and fights, but was sure to always remain professional and nonchalant about the extraordinary things happening around her.

One of the greatest benefits that Pajot took from her internship experience was the networking. She met countless people who are more than willing to help her out in the future when she begins applying for jobs and master’s programs. The connections she made internally within UFC will be helpful for Pajot if she hopes to return for a full-time position with the organization after graduation this May.

Pajot left her internship feeling that everyone at UFC truly cared, both about the employees and the brand, regardless of how much they actually enjoy watching UFC fights.

“Everyone was so respectful to the brand and happy to be there,” Pajot said. “People love their jobs.”