Sparty Takes on the Guinness Factory

This post was originally published on the MSU Mass Media 2017 blog. 

Today I had the great honor of going to the Guinness Storehouse with my friend Trevor. I was really excited to learn and taste the best beer in Dublin. I have personally never tasted a Guinness, but Trevor assured me that I would like it. When we arrived to the factory I was shocked at the size of the property. I learned that Guinness was founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness with a 45 pound loan for 9,000 years. The tour was very insightful, but I felt I would’ve learned more if we had a tour guide.

Trevor and I were happy to learn that Guinness had a whole floor dedicated to advertising. They had ads dating back to the beginning of their company. The picture below is from the first time Guinness was featured in a national paper. It was really neat to see that they have preserved Guinness artifacts, and that they are still in great shape today.

Another thing that we learned was that Guinness is important to the economy and the community. They sponsor many local events and have a great reputation as a whole organization.

At the end of the tour we were treated to a fresh cold pint in their gravity bar. This bar is a 360 degree bar with great views of Dublin. I will say the I am not a fan of the beer, but I did learn a lot today. I can’t wait to tell my other friends about this day! I would also like to thank Trevor for being a great guide, and for being an even better friend!

By Trevor Goslin (aka "Sparty)