Samsung Welcomes Sparty

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is the highlight of my study abroad experience so far and I think Sparty would agree. 

I originally explored studying abroad as a way to experience a new culture and expand the reach of knowledge available to me. The Cannes Lions Festival shares this sentiment, as it revolves around fostering curiosity, creativity, and a general desire to learn more.

Before attending the festival, I thought I was a pretty ambitious and driven person. After hearing from the world’s best minds in the creativity and business industries, I realized I wasn’t aiming high enough.

During lunch breaks, the Samsung building was my favorite place to visit, not only for the free food, but also for the inspiration their space fostered. For instance, they have a sign that reads, “Do what you can’t.” 

This is the first thing you read when walking into the virtual reality room. I’d always planned my life and career goals around what I know I can do, never around what I can’t do. Samsung’s sign reminded me to stop limiting myself. I can learn the things I can’t do, get better at them, and achieve the goals I’ve only ever viewed as pipe dreams.

Sparty enjoyed his time there too. He especially liked all the cool new gadgets Samsung sprinkled the building with… and the free food of course. Did I mention free food?

By Meghan Kuhr