Multicultural Ad Agency Opens New Doors Through Media Internship

Advertising senior Maya Parnell not only learned how to strategize and generate new ideas during her media internship at UniWorld Group Inc., she also learned something she never expected. She learned about people.

When Parnell started at UniWorld Group Inc., a multicultural advertising agency headquartered in New York City, she said she learned so much about media planning, project management and how to effectively implement these tools while studying people.

Some of UniWorld Group Inc.'s clients are Ford, Colgate, Home Depot and Amtrak.

Part of what Parnell did at her internship was analyze how people shop and carry out everyday tasks, then she made comparisons between the two. She understands that culture is ingrained in so many things people do.

"I learned when you see differences in people, not to look at it as a place of criticism; there is an understanding, underlying reason for everything; you just have to look at it closer,"Parnell said.

Being in a place like New York City really opened new doors for Parnell. She expressed that being in a culturally rich place made her realize that there is something for everything and everybody.

"I learned to understand the culture of the city better,"Parnell said. "I learned to take on new experiences and embrace them. I ate alone, I learned to adapt and do things on my own. You have to be a fast-paced learner, attentive and above all, resourceful.”

Parnell credits her internship experience and career connections to MSU alumni, the ComArtSci Career Services and the Connect Career trip to New York City. She interned two years ago at UniWorld Group Inc.'s office in Michigan and loved the company's culture and the work that they did. She stayed in contact with the human resources department and when she went on the New York Connect Career trip, she contacted their headquarters and obtained a summer internship through her connections.

"The career trip to New York opened up my mind to a lot more possibilities,"Parnell said. "There is a freedom in being fearless. If you go for it and work hard, you will get the outcome that you want.”

Parnell's advice for other students is to be resourceful because there is MSU alumni everywhere. If people know that you are interested, there are people that will help you make connections.

"Just because you don't have a blueprint, doesn't mean it can't happen,"Parnell said. "The worst thing you can do is try and it not work out. You never know what is waiting for you.