MSU StratCom mentor Q&A with Radhika Sen

Radhika Sen is in her first semester in MSU StratCom. She answers some questions about why she joined the mentor program.

Why did you join the mentor program and what were you hoping to get out of it?

I think mentorship is completely integral to career advancement and professional development, so I was excited to learn that the StratCom program offered a mentor program.

Tell us about how you first heard of the mentor program and how you met your mentor. How does the mentor program work?

The StratCom program reached out to me and asked me to fill out a survey outlining my motivations and expectations in enrolling in their mentor program and, according to my responses, matched me with a mentor.
How did your mentor help calm any fears you may have had about starting the StratCom program?  How has your mentor helped your transition into the program?

Because I work at MSU, it turned out that the mentor I was matched with was someone I had worked met and with before. I had the chance to discuss the StratCom program with him prior to beginning coursework. Having completed the program while working full time as I would be doing too, my mentor reassured me that the StratCom MA had a rigorous, excellent curriculum, but was also manageable and in many ways designed for working professionals. I was returning to university after several years and was grateful for the reassurance as I adjusted to grad school.

What's been the best part of your mentor experience thus far?

Serendipitously, my mentor, like me, is a creative person with creative pursuits beyond his professional life and career. So it turned out to be a great fit! I’ve found it valuable to be able to discuss ways of integrating one’s creative ambitions with one’s professional life (or, treating them as separate) as a communications strategist after the program. We are both writers and he shared with me how he has built his writing reputation and how it has opened up opportunities for him.

What advice would you have for new students debating if they should opt into this mentor experience?

In general, I think the mentorship program is a chance to build your network, meet professionals in your field of choice, and receive customized feedback and advice as you progress through the StratCom program.  All this can be incredibly valuable in planning your career advancement.   

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