MSU StratCom launches free professional development series

The Michigan State University Strategic Communication Online M.A. is announcing a series of workshops through 2021-22 titled “Level Up.” 

These online events will feature industry leaders who will be sharing insights and lessons learned, as well as offer practical tips to implement in work and life. The format will be interactive with a presentation, interview and live Q&A. All registrants will receive a resource guide from the presenter on next steps at the conclusion of each event.  

Casey HubrisThe first event is Oct. 20, and features Casey Hurbis, chief marketing officer of Rocket Mortgage. Casey will share behind-the-scenes stories about the evolution of Quicken Loans to Rocket Mortgage. To become the leader in lending, there were several key moments that required wisdom, risk, and guts. Casey will share some of these moments and the principles that were foundational to those moves.  

“As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we see a natural extension of our program being a way to provide amazing content that is practical and be immediately transferrable,” said Jason Archer, director of MSU StratCom. “Think of the Level Up series as Masterclass – only free. I can’t wait to take notes myself to learn and grow.” 

Level Up will be hosted by Merri Jo Bales, vice president and strategic director of University Communications for MSU. 

Each event will stream live on Zoom. Registration is free and open to the public. All are welcome. To register, and to learn more, visit