Mother and daughter share MSU commencement milestones

During the 2021 fall commencement ceremonies at Michigan State University, there will be two members of the Fowler family graduating.

Amy Fowler, with her master’s in strategic communication, and Morgan Fowler, Amy’s daughter, with her bachelor’s in sustainable parks, recreation and tourism.

“It has been great pursuing a degree at the same time as my mom,” Morgan said of the experience. “It has been something new that we can connect about and talk about our projects we have."

It was a few years ago when Amy began searching for an advanced degree that was flexible and that would support her career goals.

Enter the Strategic Communication Online M.A.

“The program was the perfect combination of communication and leadership experience that I was looking for,” Amy said. “I think the impact of the degree will continue for the rest of my lifetime. There are so many examples that you can relate to your professional and personal life in the program. I am not sure what my next move is yet, but I am very thankful that I did it.” 

Amy and Megan Fowler at Spartan StadiumWhen Amy began her degree in the fall of 2019, her son, Christopher, was graduating with his degree in construction management – also at MSU. Then, in the spring of 2020, Morgan transferred to MSU. 

Attending MSU became a Fowler family connection, one they could bond over and share resources.  

“I am so grateful to both Morgan and Chris for answering all my questions about technology and social media,” Amy said.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it brought the Fowlers even closer when everyone moved back under the same roof. Amy said they enjoyed meals together and had some friendly competition during family game time – and for internet access.  

“…we really have loved all the family time,” Amy said. 

Amy’s and Morgan’s academic journeys will lead them to the finish line: Friday, Dec. 17.

That’s the day they’ll be walking across the stage at the Breslin Center to receive their diplomas – Amy, during the morning’s advanced degree ceremony, and Morgan, during the evening’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources baccalaureate ceremony.

Both reflect on the time they’ve shared together ahead of their milestone events.

“As a mom, I am so proud of Morgan and all she has accomplished,” Amy said.

To her daughter, she offers this advice: “Hard work pays off in so many ways and you can never put a price on education. Most of all never stop learning. Continue to be hungry to learn and get experience under your belt. The opportunities are endless.”

And the special message that Morgan has for her mom?

“I would tell my mom how incredibly proud I am. All her late nights and weeks doing homework and studying finally paid off. I would thank her for raising me to be the woman I am today and say how thankful I am to share such a special milestone with her.”

By Jennifer Trenkamp