Milan Revels Completes Corporate Affairs Internship at DOW Chemical

Milan Revels interned in corporate affairs for DOW Chemical in Midland, Michigan. During her internship, she helped rebrand the digital market center in Chicago.

Revels collaborated with co-workers to tell success stories of the business, create applications and post online to generate brand recognition. Along with rebranding the digital market center, Revels helped change the discipline of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) within DOW Chemical. DOW wanted to shape their discipline behind the CRM systems. Revels created how-to videos, wrote communication plans and more.

For Revels, the day to day activity at DOW consisted of completing any tasks the team needed or assigned her to. She was constantly pushing out emails to commercial businesses about different events. Along with her daily responsibilities, she had a project within her internship which consisted of creating a video with other interns on what the customer experience should be like at DOW. Revels spent the majority of her time communicating the new idea of a united community within DOW Chemical.

The internship at DOW taught Revels many new strategies. She came from a Sports Broadcast major to study Strategic Communication. She learned to own her work. By the end of the summer, she was confident in skills she had never been exposed to before. Since her internship was such a success, DOW Chemical offered Revels a full-time position, which she accepted.

Moving forward, Revels is excited to be going back after her senior year. She’s confident she’ll be able to pick up where she left off. Revels hopes to move into a bigger role within commercial communications.

Revels has some advice to share with other students: “Get a well-rounded college experience. Never turn down an opportunity to equip yourself with skills. Go get your resume looked at, again and again. Make sure you network and see how you can make your network work for you.”

Revels is excited to finished out her senior year at Michigan State University, and join her co-workers back at DOW Chemical after graduation.