Mahak Keswani: Spartan of Inclusivity

Advertising Management student Mahak Keswani (’25) is a member of the 2024 Michigan State University Homecoming Court. The homecoming court is considered among the highest honors for MSU seniors. 

Story adapted from an article originally shared on MSU Alumni.

2024 Homecoming Court 

Mahak Keswani, a senior at Michigan State University from Dubai, is studying Advertising Management with minors in Business and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She’s proud to represent MSU on the 2024 Homecoming Court.

Beyond academics, Mahak is involved with campus organizations like the MSU Marketing Association and the International Student Association, where she champions diversity and inclusion. She sees MSU as her second home and aims to enhance community engagement to create a more supportive and empowering environment.

As part of the Homecoming Court, she hopes to unite Spartans and foster inclusivity. Her message to all Spartans is to embrace diversity and support each other, no matter one’s background or identity.

“Let’s make our community a place where every voice matters, where everyone feels welcome to share their ideas, thoughts and experiences,” Keswani said. “When we embrace diversity and support each other, we can achieve great things. Let’s build a Spartan spirit that uplifts and inspires every member to be their best selves.”

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Mahak Keswani is part of the 2024 MSU Homecoming Court



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