The Magic Behind Sparty

From an Article in MSU Alumni

For decades it has been an honored and sacred tradition for members of the Sparty Mascot Program to proudly walk across the stage at commencement donning the shiny green boots. As the secret is revealed, the crowd goes wild and family and friends finally understand the “why” behind the late nights and last-minute schedule changes.

The crowd cheers, but few truly understand the meaning behind the boots: dedication, volunteerism, sacrifice and a whole lot of energy. Those who have had the honor have donated hundreds of hours to the university and community. They know firsthand what it means to be a Spartan and have committed their college experience to spreading good will, helping those in need, supporting the university, keeping up on pushups and offering countless high fives.

This year, things are a little different for the graduating seniors. The day they have been looking forward to will not happen in the way it had for past members. The 2020 Commencement has been postponed, but the magic behind the world’s greatest mascot remains as real as ever.

Meet our 2020 graduates, Joseph Hrabnicky and Cory Hilton, and join us as we celebrate their accomplishments and thank them for their dedicated service to the university and to the Sparty Mascot Program. Through thick and thin, these two have remained positive, appreciative and the ultimate supporters of the university.

The first of two Sparty mascot graduates is MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences alumnus Joseph Hrabnicky. Wearing Sparty's Boots, Joe says, “means putting MSU on our back, literally and figuratively, through thick and thin. The boots are a tool for service, dedication and love.” 

Learn more about his career in suit: