Faculty to Rate Super Bowl Ads for the 21st Annual Ad Rating Party

Around 60 ComArtSci faculty will gather in the Kellogg Center to experience the best part of the Super Bowl: rating the ads. With an audience of nearly 140 million, the Super Bowl has the largest TV audience of any American event. However, the hype comes with a hefty price tag of $5 million per every 30-second ad slot. 

“The Super Bowl in advertising is like Oscar night in the movie business. It’s a big deal,” said Robert Kolt, Advertising and PR Instructor and CEO of Kolt Communications. “Industries create their best ads, and those ads should generate sales long after the game has ended.” 


Rating the Super Bowl Ads

This year marks the 21st annual ComArtSci Super Bowl ad rating party. The ComArtSci faculty who rate the ads are experts in their respective fields and have a knack for discovering which ads go above and beyond. Considering factors such as creativity, production value, message and strategy, the ComArtSci ad ratings happen in real time and have a high success rate for matching the public’s opinion.

“In my opinion, the formula for a good Super Bowl ad is humor, animation, celebrity and animals,” said Kolt. “Put a monkey in a Super Bowl ad and the audience will love it.” 


A Memorable Experience

Rating Super Bowl advertisements is a memorable experience for Amber Wise, a ComArtSci administrative assistant, who described, “There’s an added element when you have a large group watching and voting at the same time. It’s fun to hear the groans or laughter and see which ad is ahead.”

“The ad rating party is simply fun,” said Kolt. “Professors watch the game together and enjoy practicing and sharing knowledge about the profession.”

Follow @MSUComArtSci or #MSUperBowl on Twitter February 4th during the Super Bowl for live ad-rating updates. 

By: Sierra Richards