Dempsey Interns at Monika Dixon Public Relations in Chicago

Kara Dempsey, Co-Editor in Chief of VIM Magazine at MSU, translated her interest in fashion into an internship last summer with Monika Dixon Public Relations in Chicago. MDPR is a boutique fashion, lifestyle and hospitality PR agency where Dempsey put knowledge from her public relations minor to the test.

During her time at MDPR, Dempsey served as a media relations intern. Dempsey’s responsibilities were given to her on day one of her internship, and she was immediately trusted to ghost-write blogs for influencers, update media lists and pitch clients to media outlets.

“I was expecting to be eased into that level of involvement in the agency. Jumping into the work ended up being the most beneficial part of the internship,” Dempsey said.

As an intern, Dempsey also helped to plan events and create content for clients. One of her most memorable experiences was getting out of the office to organize and attend a photoshoot for a luxury fashion rental client. This was one of the many events that she had the opportunity to plan, work on and see through to completion.

Dempsey found out about this internship through one of her peers at VIM Magazine who worked for MDPR the previous summer. The network she has created through VIM has opened the door to many opportunities for her, and she urges all students to join an interesting group as soon as they can.

“Each opportunity I have had has come through that [VIM] network. Be open to the experiences that come your way when you're just starting out, you never know what is around the corner!” Dempsey said of her college experience.

Dempsey is graduating in May with an advertising management degree, as well as two minors in public relations and graphic design. She hopes to break into the advertising or public relations fields upon graduating, and is excited to use her real-world experience as she begins her career.