ComArtSci Student Holds Prestigious Internship with NBC Nightly News

When ComArtSci journalism senior Treasure Roberts received a text message from an old friend detailing a competitive fellowship program with NBC Nightly News, she was determined to give it a shot. Fast forward a few months and she now spends her days in New York City, working as a production intern. 

“I would have never thought I would be sitting in this newsroom,” said Roberts. “I work in the same newsroom as Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, NBC correspondent Rehema Ellis and Nightly News director Steve Lucas.”

A typical day for Roberts consists of working alongside a handful of producers, editors, writers and all of those who play a role in the NBC Nightly News production. She’s gaining the real-world experience that many students aim to earn throughout their college career.

“Throughout the day I lend a hand by logging interviews, doing research and fact-checking stories,” said Roberts. “I see stories come together before they air on the network every night at 6:30 p.m.”

Roberts notes how fortunate she is to be working alongside such high-profile names. She acknowledges the fact that her internship isn’t simply about making copies and getting people coffee, but working with experienced professionals who can give her insight into her field.

“Not everyone gets the chance to show the people they see on national news everyday their newsreel like I have, let alone talk to them,” said Roberts. “I have been able to talk to them about how they became successful and received their wonderful advice.”

Roberts credits ComArtSci as being particularly helpful on her path to success. From specific classes, to advisors, Roberts knew she had the tools she needed to be successful in this internship.

“The class that best prepared me for this internship is JRN 403, TV News with Bob Gould,” said Roberts. “This class is the reason I know how to use Avid software, which is the main software NBC uses.”

Corey Moore, a ComArtSci advisor, was also there when Roberts needed advice. Moore was able to help Roberts find classes that would be most beneficial in helping her gain experience needed for future internships.

“My advisor,  Corey Moore, always encouraged me to get internship experience under my belt,” said Roberts. “He helped me choose the best classes to take that have contributed to my experience today. Everything that I have done up until this point, whether that be my leadership and participation in organizations, excellent coursework and internship experience, is one large factor in how I gained this opportunity.”

Roberts feels that every ComArtSci student has the chance to experience an internship as great as her own. She knows that if you take risks, you just might get a reward.

“Apply for everything, even the ones you think you may not have a chance at,” said Roberts. “You never know who is willing to take a chance on you. Instead of asking ‘Why me?’ ask ‘Why not me?’ Also, never turn down an opportunity to get experience, even if it isn't paid. Those smaller internships will add up and help qualify you for a top-tier internship in the future.”

By Katie Kochanny