ComArtSci to Launch Online Strategic Communication Graduate Certificates

The Strategic Communication master’s program is offering a new and practical way for professionals to sharpen their skills for the workplace.


The online Graduate Certificate program utilizes the College of Communication Arts & Sciences’ strengths in the use of new technology to engage learners around the world.


The program comprises three separate certificate tracks, each requiring nine credits to complete, from which individuals can choose. They are: media analytics, digital media and organizational communication for leadership.


Program director Jason Archer said the certificates show a progression of the online Strategic Communication master’s program, which began two years ago and now has nearly 125 students. The idea to offer online certificates occurred after meeting with various company CEOs and presidents.


The CEOs and presidents identified some key areas that would be helpful to empower their teams but wouldn’t require a complete degree,” Archer said. “Sometimes, people just need tools to help them in their job immediately.


And the certificates show how the College of Communication Arts & Sciences is meeting the needs of today’s economy.

"Employers demand both broad-based competencies and highly specialized skills and our certificates address this demand for specialization,” Dean of the College of Communication Arts & Sciences Prabu David said.


Once completed, students may choose to transfer their certificate credits to the larger Strategic Communication M.A. program.


"I’m so excited for the next step in the evolution of the program,” Archer said. "These certificates empower our program and college to tap into markets we haven’t yet been able to."


The Graduate Certificate program will formally launch spring 2019. Applications for to begin in the spring semester are now being accepted. More information may be found at

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