Bias Busters Book Series Wins Service Award

The School of Journalism's Bias Busters project has received the 2019 Service Learning Award from the AEJMC's Mass Communication & Society Division. The Bias Busters student team is led each semester by Professor Joe Grimm.

The $500 award will be used to send MSU students to learn about faith groups and to take photos for covers of Bias Busters guides.

The series of print and digital guides answers the basic, everyday questions people have about cultural, racial, ethnic and religious groups. So far, 17 guides have been published.

In 2019, the Bias Busters have published 100-question guides about Chaldean Americans, Generation X and Millennials. Books about Hindu and Buddhist Americans are in production.

With religion's impact on the 2020 Election, this fall's Bias Buster class will work on a guide about Evangelical Christians. In the spring, a class will create a guide about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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