Alumni-Founded Company Gives Pure Michigan Campaign a Boost

The Pure Michigan advertising campaign is receiving a boost from interactive technology developed by a company founded by two MSU Advertising alumni.

Ben Hatala and Chris Roebuck both graduated from Michigan State in 2010 and 2006, respectively. Using the skills they gained through their college careers, Clicktivated came to life in 2011 in Birmingham, Mich.

The Clicktivated video technology makes it easy to interact with a video while it is playing, without the disturbance of advertisements or other distractions popping up. Clicking on items within a video powered by Clicktivated will create a sidebar with more details or the option to purchase on the side of the screen.

“As a society, we consume massive amounts of videos, but they lack something,” said Hatala, the company’s Chief Operations Officer. “We are adding that needed additional information.”

The Pure Michigan Partnership

The company recently partnered with the Pure Michigan advertising campaign, which has drawn global attention for its popular radio and television commercials promoting some of Michigan’s beautiful tourist towns.

“Pure Michigan knew they wanted to do something more with the advertisements,” Hatala said. “There was an opportunity to leverage that existing contact and there are so many chances for more information on products and spots in Michigan.

“And, they (Pure Michigan) loved the fact that Clicktivated was Michigan-based. It was a natural fit.”

Clicktivated also recently launched a new, more user-friendly experience where its technology can be used without the download of an app on an iPhone.

Using Their MSU Education

Hatala and Roebuck, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, credit their MSU education in helping establish the company as the main premise of Clicktivated is advertising based.

“The skill set and overall mentality behind advertising contributed to founding our company,” Hatala said. “It’s a creative thought process.”

While Clicktivated continues to grow organically and naturally in the United States, the company also has experienced international outreach from everywhere but Antarctica and is starting to work with clients in Singapore and Japan.

“There is definitely no shortage of interest and we’re starting to see the company in full swing in the market,” Hatala said. “Before, the market was stagnant. People were producing videos but now there’s Clicktivated to monetize those videos.”

Clothing brands are utilizing the powers of the company as well. A campaign is being launched with Miss Me Denim and there are plans with Abercrombie and Hollister in the works.

For more information on the company or to see how the technology works, visit the Clicktivated website.