ADPR’s David Regan comments on resurgence of US Army slogan in Washington Times article

The Department of Advertising and Public Relations own instructor, David Regan was recently featured in a Washington Times article where he provides his expert opinion on the US Army’s revamped advertising campaign.

Washington Time’s author Mike Glenn’s article, “Army brings back venerable ‘Be All You Can Be’ ad campaign amid major recruiting slump” addresses the decrease in recruitment rates occurring in US Army since the end of the 1973 draft and the efforts the US government has initiated to increase that percentage.

In an effort to bring in more Gen Z recruits, the Pentagon has brought one of the classic slogans out of retirement, “Be All You Can Be.” The nostalgic nature of the slogan is meant to empower a new generation.

Regan provides his input on the resurgence of the slogan as an experienced professional in the world of advertising.

“I think it’s a smart tactic. [But] it all depends on how they do the final execution,” said Regan to Washington Times. “There’s a lot of value and cachet with [Be All You Can Be] and that’s not easily won. To come out with something nowadays and have people remember your slogan is a tough task.”

Regan has been teaching at MSU since 1995 where he has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses on advertising campaigns, copywriting, layout and design, direct response advertising and portfolio development.

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By Casey Halas