2022 ComArtSci Emmy Awards roundup

Geri Alumit Zeldes at the 2022 awards ceremony.
Ken Morley, Julie Sochay, Rob Stephenson, Nicole Zaremba and Carol Yancho at the 2022 awards ceremony.
Dan Wogan received the award for Graphic Arts — Motion Graphics.
Troy Hale took home awards in four categories this year.

Spartans painted the Motor City green earlier this month at the 2022 Michigan Emmy® Awards ceremony. The Michigan Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) presented statuettes in nine categories to representatives from ComArtSci and WKAR in recognition of their quality work. Many additional awards and nominations were given to other talented groups across campus — including three nominations for ComArtSci alumnus, Benjamin Owen, for his video work on Spartans All-Access. 

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the nominees and award recipients from our very own College of Communication Arts and Sciences community.  


Algorithmic Injustice? 

EMMY®: Technology 
Carol Yancho, Senior Producer 

Breed & Bootleg: Legends of Flint Rap Music 

EMMY®: Documentary — Topical 
Geri Alumit Zeldes, Director 

Brenda’s Story — From Undocumented to Documented 

EMMY® Nomination: Human Interest — Long Form Content 
Geri Alumit Zeldes, Director 

Cannabis and Driving Under the Influence 

EMMY® Nomination: Societal Concerns  
Nicole Zaremba, Producer 

Curious Crew Graphics Composite 

EMMY®: Graphic Arts — Motion Graphics 
Daniel Wogan, Graphic Artist 

Curious Crew Host Composite 

EMMY®: Program/Host/Moderator/Correspondent  
Rob Stephenson, Host 

Curious Crew — “Static Electricity” 

EMMY® Nomination: Children/Youth/Teen 
Carol Yancho, Senior Producer 
Rob Stephenson, Host/Writer 

Experiential and Experimental Teaching During COVID-19 

EMMY®: Education/Schools 
Troy Hale, Producer 

Hear Every Voice, Share Every Story 

EMMY® Nomination: Image Promotion (Single Spot) 
Carol Yancho, Senior Producer 
Daniel Wogan, Editor 

Iron, Ice Cream and Love 

EMMY®: Video Journalist  
Mike Castellucci, Video Journalist

One Final Time 

EMMY®: Performer/Narrator 
Troy Hale, Reporter

Remote Editing — Professor on the Road 

EMMY®: Editor — Short Form Content 
Troy Hale, Editor 

Right to Read 

EMMY® Nomination: Education/Schools 
Nicole Zaremba, Producer 

Technical Achievement Composite 

EMMY® Nomination: Technical Achievement  
Ken Merley, Operations Supervisor 

Writing on the Road 

EMMY®: Writer — Short Form Content 
Troy Hale, Writer 


Congratulations, Spartans!  


By Jessica Mussell