2016 Media Sandbox Challenge Winners Announced

Issues associated with depression, sexual assault, eating disorders and anxiety are growing challenges facing students today. A recent competition hosted by the Media Sandbox challenged students to create awareness of those issues in a creative way with the goal of curbing recent trends.

​The 2016 Media Sandbox Challenge winners were announced this month, after thirteen teams presented their work to faculty and the Alumni Board Panel.

​The Media Sandbox is an integrated media arts program within the College of Communication Arts and Sciences that includes cinematic arts, game development, graphic design, web design, visual storytelling, 3D art and animation.

​The challenge encouraged students to research and create a campaign that would bring awareness to issues faced by college students each day including:​

  • Binge drinking
  • Sexual assault
  • Depression
  • Anorexia
  • Anxiety
  • Obesity
  • Racism
  • Suicide

​Teams worked for more than two months with professional mentors to create complex campaigns that would bring awareness to one or more of the topics. The first place team was awarded $5,000, second place won $3,000 and third place winners took home $1,500.

First Place

Bryce Airgood, journalism senior Peter Burroughs, media and information senior Elise Conklin, media and information senior

​The first place winners focused their campaign on sexual assault preventi on, awareness and improving resources for victims. The presentation included a website mockup, short video and examples billboards and mockups of print ads that would be featured across the university.

Second Place

Marissa Schmidt, advertising senior Max Cullen, advertising senior

​The second place team focused their efforts on anxiety and formulated a three-step process to help identify, personify and socialize anxious behavior. The team developed a campaign that included a video, website and social media plan.

Third Place

Congyi Han, advertising senior Nan Jin, advertising senior Lingxue Kong, advertising senior

​The third place winners addressed anorexia with their campaign that featured a video about the toll eating disorders can take on everyday activities and relationships.

​The Media Sandbox challenge is an annual competition hosted by Media Sandbox that challenges students to answer difficult questions and address complex issues.

By Victoria Bowles, senior Journalism major and ComArtSci Editorial Assistant