AD+PR senior Spencer Swenson and fellow alumni crowdfund a feature-length film

Current public relations student Spencer Swenson is the creative producer for The Collins Film - a feature-length film created primarily by MSU College of Communication Arts and Sciences alumni. The film is an alternate history thriller about three high schoolers in 1968 who discover a crucial piece of evidence about the John F. Kennedy assassination.

The Collins Film is our biggest project yet, and pulling off this film will lead the way to us substantiating a life in filmmaking," Swenson said.

Three years ago, Swenson got together with some of his friends at the MSU Filmmakers Club and created 640 Films. 640 Films is a creative collective that allows members to release movies and other projects while continuing to grow and support each other as artists.

In addition to Swenson, several of the founding members of 640 Films happen to be ComArtSci alumni. These include media and information graduates Zoe Kissel, Dylan Kissel, and Alex Leon. 640 Films is responsible for the creation and production of The Collins Film. 

As the creative producer for the project, Swenson has coordinated all marketing, promotion, and communication for the film. He credits his classes in the advertising and public relations department for uniquely preparing him for his work on the project. He has been doing everything from developing content calendars, generating social media posts, communicating with the press, handling email campaigns, and more.

Currently, Swenson and the 640 Films team are seeking additional support in the form of crowdfunding to help make the vision of The Collins Film a reality. 

“Receiving funding for The Collins Film would be an incomparable gift," Swenson said. "It extends beyond just fulfilling the vision to its fullest and securing period-accurate props, costumes, locations, and supporting our cast and crew accommodations.”

The crowdfunding deadline for The Collins Film is April 21st. To learn more about the film and to make a donation, please visit 

By Joe Strother