Public Relations Course Details

Below you will find details about a few courses you could take to fulfill the requirements for this major.

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ADV 225: Writing for Public Relations

3 credits

Theory and practice of preparing written business communications.

ADV 260: Principles of Public Relations

3 credits

Role and function of public relations in society. History of the field. Roles of practitioners and understanding the unique professional areas within the field of public relations.

PR 300: Public Relations Theory and Ethics

3 credits

Theories of public relations, persuasion, social media interaction and mass communication as they apply to public relations, audience analysis and application of social media strategies. Theories of ethics, ethical codes in public relations and the ethical challenges in this field.

PR 320: Public Relations Storytelling for Digital, Video and Print

3 credits

Theory and application of storytelling for corporate and public relations purposes in the digital environment. Examination of established and emerging digital and social media platforms. Content creation for public relations purposes in established and emerging digital and social media platforms.

PR 425: Public Relations Strategy and Ethics In a Digital World

3 credits

Strategic planning and ethical considerations in public relations, social media and digital media.