Get Involved

Alumni engagement is an excellent way for you to support your alma mater while maintaining contact with students, faculty, staff and fellow alumni. We have a robust menu of opportunities, offering a level of involvement that is meaningful for you and fits with your schedule.

You may simply want to receive the college newsletter or participate occasionally in a special event - either on campus or regionally. You may want to become more active and help to recruit and hire our graduates, speak to student groups, host student visits or hold an official position on the alumni advisory board. A gift to the college is another important and transformational way that you can be a part of the Alumni Community.

However you choose to engage with the college, your involvement is highly valued by the entire Alumni Community.


  • Recruit Spartans - part/full-time opportunities.
  • Lead student "how-to" and "ask alumni" workshops.
  • Job shadowing.
  • Recruit Spartans for internships.
  • Perform informational/mock interviews.
  • Give a career or professional development talk.


  • Field Experience Classes in Chicago, NYC, L.A. and San Francisco.
  • Speak to or observe a class.
  • Meet with student groups.
  • Share experiences with faculty.
  • Be a keynote speaker - lectures, student group meetings, etc.
  • Serve as a "client" in capstone classes.
  • Coach students.
  • Visit faculty members/artists-in-residence.
  • Mentor a student.


  • Form industry partnerships.
  • Explore philanthropy.
  • Be Spartan loyal.

Campus Events

  • Attend or host alumni events (college lectures, homecoming bash, celebration, regionally, etc).
  • Participate in the Spartan Sports Journalism Classic.
  • Be a keynote speaker for an endowed lecture.
  • Attend department-sponsored events.


  • Survey participation.
  • Join the ComArtSci Alumni Board.
  • Participate in ComArtSci Connect (career fair).
  • Join a Media Sandbox Challenge – client, coach or judge.
  • Advise on college initiatives.


Questions about Alumni Involvement?

Contact ComArtSci Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Rachael Ruis at or 517-432-7207.