JRN 493: Internship Syllabus

Next steps for internship credit approval

Congratulations on securing an internship. Below is the process for having your internship count for credit.

Note that step 4 is particularly important and often overlooked by students. You must ask your internship provider to directly email me with that information. They will not provide it unless you ask them to. You cannot earn credit without it.

1. Pass JRN200 with a 2.0 or higher. If you have not, do not pass go. If you have, move on to step 2.

2. One you’ve been offered an internship, apply here to earn credit for the experience.

3. Decide how many hours you are taking for credit. 1 credit = 126 hours (approximately 9 hours per week for 14 weeks); 2 credits = 182 hours (approximately 13 hours per week for 14 weeks); 3 credits = 238 hours (approximately 17 hours per week/14 weeks); 4 credits = 294 hours; 5 credits = 350; 6 credits = 406 hours. You can take up to 6 credits of internship toward your degree.

4. Request that your supervisor email MSU internship coordinator Kim Margolis at kim.margolis@statenews.com confirming your position, total hours/week, amount of weeks and duties. The work must be related to communications. The provider must confirm enough total hours to earn the credits you seek. (See step 3)

5. Once all that’s done, I will review the application and ask you to provide anything that may be missing. Once I approve, the application then moves on to Advising.

6. Advising will review your account to ensure it is in good standing and that you’ve passed JRN200.

7. If that all looks good, they will approve the application and enroll you in JRN493. Note: Only Advising can enroll you in JRN493. I cannot; you cannot.

8. Start your internship and review the course syllabus in D2L when classes begin.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kim Margolis