CAS 831: Digital Content Creation, Curation, and Promotion

Course Description

This course covers the creation of content for a number of digital media, including email, social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), and interactive media (e.g., websites). An integrated digital communication strategy requires the consideration of design and communication theories, principles and best practices for written and visual communication. The use of Adobe products (such as Photoshop) for the achievement of these goals will be included. Additionally, the course explores management and curation issues of such digital content.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate an overarching vision for the creative design, management and implementation of a variety of online and social media content.
  • Apply communication and design principles to content creation.
  • Write and edit copy for various digital media, based on an understanding of how new media and digital content differ from traditional media and print material.
  • Use, create or acquire appropriate copyright-free images or other digital assets.
  • Manage diverse content using content management systems and aggregation tools.
  • Strategically identify when and how to use digital content and measure their impact.

Student impact

I really found the classes we offer in the program to hit on a lot of different touch points for me. For example, learning how to do a website and planning social media; it was hands-on. Read how Amy Burrows was able to put to use skills she learned in CAS 831.

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Student impact

As a technical/artistic worker, some of the lessons from CAS 831 were very useful and came JUST in the knick of time. Read how Jay Lawson gained new knowledge from CAS 831 that allowed him to contribute to his team at work right away.

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