Bachelor of Science in Advertising Management Course Details

Below you will find details about a few courses you could take to fulfill the requirements for this major.

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ADV 205: Principles of Advertising

3 credits

Principles and practices of advertising in relation to economies, societies, and mass communication.

ADV 330: Advertising Management Strategy

3 credits

Advertising problems from the perspective of managers responsible for solving problems. Identify problems, develop alternative solutions, implement effective strategies, and evaluate proposed solutions.

ADV 334: International Advertising

3 credits

Advertising decisions and consumer behavior. Political systems, literacy rates, new technologies, consumer behavior, and culture. Decision making, strategy, media selection, creative execution and campaign evaluation.

ADV 430: Social Marketing: Strategy and Practice

3 credits

Use of marketing concepts and tools from sociology, psychology, commercial marketing, and public opinion research to promote individuals' pro-social and health behaviors. Application of strategies that improve quality of life and result in behavioral and societal changes in positive ways.

ADV 492: Special Topics in Advertising

1-8 credits

Varied topics pertaining to the study of advertising and public relations processes.