Bachelor of Arts in Communication Course Details

Below you will find details about a few courses you could take to fulfill the requirements for this major.

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COM 225: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

3 credits

Principles and practices of interpersonal communication. Emphasis on effective and responsible interpersonal communication.

COM 240: Introduction to Organizational Communication

4 credits

Theories, systems, structures and processes of organizational communication. Organizational cultures. Communication in multinational organizations and in individual, leadership, supervisor-subordinate and small group situations.

COM 425: Communication in Close Relationships

4 credits

In-depth treatment of current research and of theoretical and methodological issues.

COM 475: Communication Campaign Design and Analysis

4 credits

Design and analysis of campaigns presented through mediated channels including electronic and print media.

COM 325: Interpersonal Influence and Conflict

3 credits

Theories, processes and models of interpersonal influence and conflict. Conflict resolution, compliance-gaining, resistance and persuasion.