2021 Annual Fund Priorities

Over the past few months, we have endured many tests and learned important lessons about the strength of our community. As we enter the holiday season, we reflect on how we have grown and changed as a college and as individuals during this time. During these difficult times, we have relied on values of transparency, compassion and inclusion as our guiding lights. Despite the challenges of this year, exciting changes are underway, and we are tackling important initiatives for the college. You have the potential to make a difference in the lives of our students through your philanthropy. 

The collective power of our alumni has sustained us over the years, but this is not like any other year. We realize these are difficult times. Any contribution you make would ensure the future of ComArtSci Spartans. Your gifts allow us to expand programs, accommodate student interests and provide experiential learning opportunities


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programming

ComArtSci aims to foster a supportive environment where every student, staff member and faculty feels valued, supported and inspired to achieve individual and common goals. This includes providing opportunity and access for all people throughout the college including individuals of different cultures, identities, backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities. Resources are required to improve and expand college-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion programming, especially with scholarships and programmatic funds to improve access.

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Student Emergency Fund

Spartans work hard to earn their college degree, relying on a combination of student loans, savings and part-time jobs to afford higher education. When adversity strikes, they may not have the resources to weather the storm. The goal of the Student Emergency Fund is to answer a desperate need for students in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Relying primarily upon referrals, the fund provides students with small sums of money to overcome unexpected obstacles – obstacles that could be the only barrier to getting a degree. The Student Emergency Fund will be used to help students with unexpected needs and small fees that impact their ability to focus on being a student. Learn more here

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Experiential Learning

Supplementing our new academic programs with innovative experiential learning is key to student success. Field experiences send ComArtSci students to hotspots of industry across the U.S. where they meet and connect with alumni working in media and communication careers. Through field experiences, students can explore potential careers and possibilities. These immersive experiences add tremendous value to a traditional classroom education. And without your help, we cannot bring them to fruition. Learn more here

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