Masters of Arts in Media and Information

Today’s world is being transformed through the dynamically changing capabilities of technology. The impact of media and information systems on our world is readily apparent. Our master’s program focuses on instilling a comprehensive knowledge base and developing research skills so our students can succeed in the emerging careers that these fields are producing. Our games studies, human-computer interaction, media & policy, and media/ information management all explore various dimensions of this exciting field.

Degree Details

Our curriculum for the Master's Degree in Media and Information focuses on the design, management and use of information and communication technologies - as well as the consideration of its broader societal impacts. We offer an immersive, student-centered, hands-on approach to education that will prepare you to use state-of-the-art tools and develop the skills needed to propel your career forward in the fields of media and information.

Our program is structured to be highly customizable, providing students with the opportunity to advance their current skills, move into new areas and collaborate with others within the program, each of which brings their own expertise to the table. Our classes provide real-world experiences and focus on human-centered practices, methods and theories.

Careers in Media and Information

Information technology and media continues to reshape how we live and work. Today’s knowledge-intensive economy requires professionals who understand how it can be used to build more competitive businesses and improve the world. Many students from our program move into areas such as:

  • Game and Serious Game Designer
    • 3D Game Design
    • Impacts of 3D Technology
  • Usability and UX Design
    • Education
    • Medical/ Therapy/ Rehabilitation o Accessibility
  • Policy and Society
    • Media & Information Policy
    • Economic Impacts of Technology
    • Ph.D. Preparation
  • Media and Information Management
    • Media Entrepreneurship
    • Digital Business Management
    • Managing Social Media


Focus Areas

Serious Game Design MA Certificate

The program is designed to give game designers, business people, teachers and researchers graduate-level insight into serious game theories, serious game design and development and human-centered design.

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