Student Spotlight: Kyana Donaldson

ComArtSci student Kyana Donaldson spent the summer of 2021 interning at General Motors, where she was a manufacturing communications intern. 

While working as a manufacturing communications intern, her primary functions were to write articles for their internal audience of over 150,000 employees, interact with media who were covering electrification pieces surrounding the plant, and support initiatives to foster an inclusive environment at the plant. She also got to learn more about General Motors through attending events and conversing with other employees.  

Donaldson says she knew this internship was for her because her personal and professional goals aligned well with those of General Motors, and it was evident that they were also very committed to her growth over the summer. She remembered the first thing the interviewers told her was that she would not just be there to get coffee, but she would be completing work with actual meaning. This internship would feel more like an entry-level job with tasks and responsibilities. Once she learned that, she fell in love with the opportunity.  

“The greatest lesson I learned while in this internship was the importance of being bold and assertive in work environments,” Donaldson said. “I vividly remember getting to be a part of lots of amazing experiences, simply because I made my interests known. Having a vision for yourself and the courage to vocalize that in front of others is by far the most valuable takeaway I have from this internship.”   

Before this experience, Donaldson was a social media and marketing intern at MSU A-CAPP Center and spent two summers at the UAW Ford National Programs Center in the community relations and PR departments. 

Donaldson recently graduated from the J-School this past summer, earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism. 

Her advice to ComArtSci students is to really take advantage of the resources and connections the department provides you with during your time there.  

“In the years following your graduation, who you met and left an impression on matters far more than the grades you earned,” she said. “This is not to say do not focus on your academics, but building those relationships should definitely be equally as important.” 

By Demetria Bias