Sierra Rehm Interns at Entity Magazine in L.A.

Journalism Senior Sierra Rehm found herself in Los Angeles this past summer working for Entity Magazine.

There, she served as a Mentee of the Writer’s Collective, a rigorous, four-week internship program designed to prepare young women for the competitive career landscape. As the only intern from Michigan, Rehm made it her mission to network and build relationships with the staff members in order to share her experiences with Michigan State students. 

Entity Magazine offered Rehm the opportunity to develop her interviewing, advertising and communication skills through interactive workshops and guest speakers. Given the changing nature of her work, Rehm was constantly challenged. In fact, her duties varied daily to correspond with a unique theme every week. This pushed her to constantly adapt to her work environment. Entity Magazine ensured Rehm succeeded by assigning a mentor to work with her. By the end of the summer, Rehm could say she met high level figures in the industry such as Journalist Merle Ginsberg. She also overcame her fear of heights by flying a private two-seater airplane during a lesson. 

Overall, Rehm discovered there are many different opportunities in the world: one’s path does not have to be linear.

Because this was an unpaid position, Rehm worked with the ComArtSci Career Center to secure funding. She received several scholarships and recommends students looking for internships not to limit themselves because there are resources available to help fund limitless internship opportunities.

By Juan Mascorro-Guerrero