School of Journalism students honored in College Michigan Press Association contest

This is one of the award-winning photos taken by School of Journalism student Sylvia Jarrus. The photo is of Accounting junior Alonja Wilson preparing for the VIM fashion show on April 22, 2018.

Riley Murdock earned two first-place honors to lead the way as Michigan State University School of Journalism students earned awards in 17 categories in the Michigan Collegiate Press Association's 2018 College Better Newspaper Contest.

The School of Journalism also received many student honors from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters, and several faculty were honored for their work in the school and its programs. Read more in these related stories:


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College Better Newspaper Contest

Murdock's awards were in the Best Writer and News Story categories, both for Larry Nassar coverage.

Marie Weidmayer and Kara Keating each won a first-place writing awards. Weidmayer took the top prize in Investigative Reporting for her Nassar coverage. Keating won in the Column-Review or Blog-News or Sports category for a piece titled "Laughing at a reporter for doing her job is just wrong."

Other winners include The State News' Daena Faustino, who won two first-place awards, including a Front Page Design award for the cover titled "President Simon, Resign" and for an advertisement. Annie Barker of The State News won both first and second place in the photography category. Barker won her awards in the News-Only Photo category for her work covering the Larry Nassar sentencing, and the Second Amendment March.

Here are all the MSU award winners, which were earned in the Division 2 competition. All winning work appeared in The State News:

Best Photographer

Second: Sylvia Jarrus

Third: Matt Schmucker

Feature Photo

Third: Sylvia Jarrus. "VIM Fashion Show"

Sports Photo

Third: Matt Schmucker, "Michigan State Hockey"

Best Writer

First: Riley Murdock, Larry Nassar coverage

Third: Marie Weidmayer, Larry Nassar coverage

Column-Review or Blog-News or Sports

First: Kara Keating, "Laughing at a reporter for doing her job is just wrong."


First: Rachel Fradette, McKenna Ross, Madison O'Connor, Souichi Terada, Sasha Zidar, Jonathan LeBlanc, Maxwell Evans, Marie Weidmayer, Casey Holland. "Editorial: Simon, enablers need to resign, so survivors can move on."

Feature Story

Third: Casey Harrison, "Jail might save their life, but treatment is the answer. The opioid epidemic hits close to home."

Investigative Reporting

First: Marie Weidmayer, "Inside the Houses: The State News investigates sexual misconduct at fraternities."

Third: Riley Murdock, Kaitlyn Kelley, "Scholarship named after ex-MSU President Simon in 2015 wasn't distributed until after her resignation."

Honorable Mention: Peter Atkins, "How East Lansing Police enforce MIP, fake ID laws, and more."

News Story

First: Riley Murdock, "29 victims give emotional statements on first day of Nassar's sentencing."

Sports News / Features

First: Jonathan LeBlanc, "For safety Khari Willis, community involvement is his calling."

Second: Kara Keating, "Frozen Four to hockey hell: A decade-long tale of MSU hockey."

Special Advertising Section, Open Class

Second: Rachel Fradette, McKenna Ross, Souichi Terada, Jonathan LeBlanc, Sasha Zidar, Nic Antaya, Casey Holland, Daena Faustino, Lauren Gewirtz, Mia Wallace, Raquel Mishaan. "Martin Luther King Jr. Issue"

Single Ad, open class

First: Daena Faustino, "Get a Paw Ahead with The State News."

Front Page Design

First: Deana Faustino, "President Simon, Resign."

Second: Lauren Gewirtz, "Trustees, you're done."

News-Only Photo

First: Annie Barker, "Larry Nassar sentencing in Eaton County."

Second: Annie Barker, "Second Amendment March."