Sales Leadership Career Fair Provides Students Networking Opportunities

The Sales Leadership Career Fair will be held September 19, from 4-6 p.m. on the fourth floor of Spartan Stadium.  

This award-winning program with one-hundred percent job placement and high entry-level salaries, attracts students from all sorts of backgrounds including marketing, supply chain management and kinesiology, just to name a few. It goes without saying, a variety of students benefit from this robust minor.  

“It helps you grow not only as a salesperson, but as a leader as well,” recent kinesiology graduate Andrew Zeigler said.  

With more than 50 employers attending the event, students have plenty of opportunities to build their network. According to marketing graduate Carlos Enriquez, making connections is one of the many benefits of the Minor in Sales Leadership.  

“I’ve been able to get more comfortable talking to people and I’ve been able to build my network immensely,” Enriquez said. “I think those two things have been great for the development of myself as an individual, but also as a young professional.”  

Madelyn Fluery, a recent human development and family studies graduate, can certainly attest to the benefits of attending the fair. 

“The sales minor is what connected me with my current job at TEKsystems, since they sponsor the program,” she said. “I am really lucky that I found the position and had such a great network of support.”

Fluery wasn’t the only student to walk out with job opportunities. Emma Vanloon, a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising and president of MSU’s Global Sales Leadership Society, scored her summer internship after attending the event.  

“The sales fair ended up landing me five or six interviews for internships,” she said. “One of these companies I interacted with was Ally Insurance. I began the first steps in my internship and full-time position at the sales fair.”  

Pursuing this minor, according to Vanloon, is not only worthwhile because of the network opportunities, but also the personal and career growth. 

“I owe all of my professional development experiences to the Sales Leadership Minor and Global Sales Leadership Society,” Vanloon said. “In the sales program, we learn by doing instead of just watching and listening. I have learned the importance of integrity, professionalism, drive, leadership and resiliency.” 

If networking possibilities with employers, career opportunities and personal and professional development isn’t reason enough to attend the fair and pursue the Sales Leadership Minor, take it from Fluery herself.  

“Do not go into sales if you are looking for a job,” she said. “Go into sales if you are looking for a career.

By Stella Govitz