Research Presented at International Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy

Photo Courtesy of The Quello Center

Quello Center and MSU Researchers Represented at Conference in Washington, D.C.

On Sept. 20, the 47th annual Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy (TPRC 47) was held in Washington D.C, where researchers met to discuss important issues such as digital diversity, social networking and regulating 5G technology design. 

MSU researchers and the Quello Center for Information and Policy participated in the international  conference. Six papers were presented by MSU faculty, displaying the Quello Center’s commitment to studying the socioeconomic implications of modern technology, information policy and communication. 

The annual conference provides researchers with the opportunity to share their ideas with fellow researchers, policymakers, and members of the private sector and civil society, from students to practitioners. The conference also offers a platform for interdisciplinary thinking on current and emerging issues in communications and the Internet, where scholars can discuss and distribute new research relevant to policy questions in the U.S. and around the world. 

The Quello Center and Michigan State showcased the following research:

  • The Role of Regulation in 5G Market Design, by Johannes Bauer
  • Digital Reentry: Uses of and Barriers to ICTs in the Prisoner Reentry Process, by Bianca Reisdorf, Julia DeCook, Jennifer Cobbina and Ashleigh LaCourse
  • Building Our Own Bridges; How a Distressed Urban Neighborhood Bridges the Digital Divide, by Laleah Fernandez, Bianca Reisdorf and Ruth Shillair
  • The Political Outcomes of Unfriending: Social Network Curation, Network Agreeability, and Political Participation, by Craig Robertson, Laleah Fernandez and Ruth Shillair
  • Technical, Economic, and Social Coordination Requirements of Internet-based Innovation, by Johannes Bauer
  • Diversity without Disagreeability: A Multi-national Examination of Social Networks and Participation in Political Dialog, by Ruth Shillair and Laleah Fernandez

Led by Professor Johannes Bauer, Ph.D., the Quello Center’s mission is to research and further understand communication technologies, industries, and consumer choices. Launched in 1998, the Quello Center pursues these goals through a variety of activities. 

These include researching technology, policy and practice at multiple levels, providing opportunities to facilitate dialogue between policy makers, scholars, industry executives and consumer interest groups, participating in events and proceedings that evaluate important communication policy developments, and providing expertise to public and nonprofit institutions. 

The Quello Center has also expanded into the communication and internet industry. The Quello Center collaborates with other centers when researching new media innovations. The Intellectual Property, Information & Communications Law Program (IPIC) in the law college and the Institute for Public Utilities are just two of their notable collaborations. 

By John Castro

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