Nic Antaya Interns at the Boston Globe

Journalism Senior Nic Antaya, a proud first-generation college student, spends his days as a photo intern for the Boston Globe, one of the nation's most prestigious newspapers. Antaya is completing a 6-month internship with the company and is the only co-op intern attending a university outside of Massachusetts. He is making the most out of his experience by challenging himself to learn as much as possible about the industry.

As an intern, Antaya attends events to capture images and use them to inform the local and national public about current events. Antaya is trusted to report on large-scale events and is treated as a full-time staff member. For example, Antaya has gotten the opportunity to report on fast-paced stories along the east coast, including the recent college admissions scandal. When asked about his experience with the Boston Globe, Antaya only had positive words to say, encouraging other first-generation, low-income students to look for internships outside of East Lansing. 

Antaya is thankful for the various mentors and MSU alumni who have helped him transform into a young leader and gave him the confidence to apply for his position at the Boston Globe. In particular, Antaya states that professors in the MSU School of Journalism, such as Judy Walgren, positively impacted his growth as a photojournalist. 

Antaya does not think his internship would have been possible without the support he received from the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Receiving the ComArtSci Internship Scholarship allows Antaya to afford necessities such as housing and food. As a result of his experience, he now wants to work in a large city for a prominent newspaper company. Antaya recommends students seeking internships to network with alumni, connect with student organizations and seek out support from offices such as the ComArtSci Career Center. 

By Juan Mascorro-Guerrero