New York Internship Helps Communication Junior Explore Health Advocacy

Name: Tessa Subler
Hometown: Versailles, OH
Graduation Date: May 2017
Company: Leslie Public Schools
Location: Woodworth Elementary
Amount of time at internship: 1 semester


How did you become interested in becoming a speech-language pathologist? I started out my undergrad as a nursing major with plans to be a pediatric nurse. After 3 semesters, I realized I did not enjoy nursing as much as I thought I would. During my second semester of my sophomore year, I took an Introduction to Communication Disorders class and really enjoyed it. I did some observations and switched my major to speech-language pathology. I had always wanted to work with kids and found the learning of language to be very interesting.


Tell us about your graduation school journey: I completed my undergrad at Miami University in Ohio and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. I was very excited to get into grad school right away and to have the opportunity to attend a Big 10 school. I am currently in my first clinical internship and absolutely love it.

Describe the clinical setting and population you are working with at your current internship: I am currently interning at Woodworth Elementary in Leslie, Michigan. I am working with preschool-2nd grade. A majority of my caseload is language and articulation. I am really enjoying working with this age group. In the short time that I have been there, I have been able to see some great gains made by some of the kids. It is extremely rewarding. This is the age group I observed before deciding to major in this field. I am excited to work with other populations in my future internships, but as of now, I can see myself working with this age group in my future career.

How has your internship helped prepare you for your career? My internship has taught me a lot, especially since I plan on working with kids. I have learned a lot of information about data collection, billing, report writing, and IEPs. I have also learned a lot about working on a team. These are all areas that will be important in any setting. I look forward to interning in other settings and working with more diverse populations.