Networking Platform Offers Students the Key to Success

In these ever-changing times, finding a network to connect to about life after graduation is key to success. The ComArtSci Spartan network is 50,000 strong, and thanks to a new and easy to use platform, students can reach out to alumni who want to help them find success.

ComArtsSci Connect is a career networking and mentoring site for current students to connect with MSU alumni. It is a great resource for students who want to explore career interests and possibilities. Mentors are available to help students gain insight into companies and industries of interest and share their experiences.

ComArtsSci Connect also includes resources for advice on interviews and creating and submitting applications. These features, and so much more, are available to all students for free. With a structure and design very similar to LinkedIn, it is very easy to begin using your account and navigate through the site. MSU students already have accounts created for them and just need to use their MSU ID and password to log in. The platform also allows students to upload their profile information from LinkedIn in a quick and easy way.

MSU alumna Brooke Frederickson graduated in 2020, and used ComArtSci Connect throughout her time in school to get advice on her resume and hear about post-graduate experiences.

“When you connect with someone on ComArtSci Connect, it is with MSU or ComArtSci alumni who are willing and excited to give you advice, mentor you, or help you further your networking connections,” said Fredrickson. “When I first joined ComArtSci, it was just after the program had launched, but already there were more alumni mentors who'd signed up versus student mentees. It was an excellent resource for networking, and I highly recommend it.”

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By Emily Rudoni

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