MSU StratCom Alumni Stories: Christen Rochon

Christen Rochon saw a gap in resources to help creatives reach their goals. Rather than waiting for someone else to create it, she wrote the book on it herself in 2020. 

Titled “The Creative Discipline Project,” the book is “for any creative or entrepreneur that wants to start a project or accomplish a goal that needs a roadmap to help them get from point A to B.”

“It’s filled with prompts and worksheets that will help the reader get out of their head, out of their way, and on the journey of progressing and accomplishing their goals,” she said.

Rochon, a two-time Michigan State University graduate, received her bachelor’s in advertising + public relations and her master’s in strategic communication.

In a career filled with media, tech and entrepreneurism, Rochon has been open to all the opportunities that come her way.

“I think curiosity and faith have been the guiding light leading me to where I am today," she said. "I’ve always wanted to be in advertising and I’ve always been curious about the different positions that one could play in this industry.”

She’s currently an integrated media executive with E.W. Scripps and blogger behind She’s also contributed to Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine and TV One.

A master's degree in strategic communication was something that she sought out to help advance her career.

“I believed this program would be instrumental in my TV career development and connecting the dots from the early 2000s to today,” she wrote in a blog post last year.

In addition to launching new partnerships on her blog, Rochon’s plan for her future includes some exciting goals: “… I want to continue growing creatively executive producing projects, and hopefully become an Emmy-winning ad executive in the very near future.” 

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