MSU Offers New Bachelor of Science in Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Known for globally leading researchers in the field of Communicative Sciences and Disorders (CSD), Michigan State University is proud to announce a new major for undergraduate students.

Students can enroll in a Bachelor of Science in Communicative Sciences and Disorders beginning in fall semester 2021 through MSU's College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

The Major in Communicative Sciences and Disorders lets students develop an understanding of normal and disordered aspects of speech, language, hearing, and swallowing. Built on scientific inquiry and critical thinking, the undergraduate major will give students the foundations they need for the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders. Students will graduate with the knowledge and emerging skills needed to succeed in the profession, preparing them to pursue further study and become leaders in the field.

“We are so excited that undergraduate students who decided to specialize in speech-language pathology will have an MSU home in the new CSD Major Program,” said MSU Foundation Professor Dimitar Deliyski, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders. “I am very encouraged that a growing number of students choose such a noble profession, which also will bring them great life satisfaction and career growth options. As the number of students choosing CSD is steadily increasing, the introduction of the new Major is very timely to respond to their needs.”

As part of the program, students will train in both oral and written communication, develop as reflective learners, and demonstrate growth in professional communication skills. They will also work with the world’s foremost research scientists and professors in communicative sciences and disorders, as they gain experience in collaboration, teamwork, and the knowledge and skills needed to effectively contribute to the profession and to society.

Students who earn the Bachelor of Science will be well prepared to enroll in master’s degree programs in audiology and speech-language pathology, with prestigious graduate programs available at MSU. The knowledge and skills obtained in this major can also serve as preparation for careers in education, healthcare or business settings.

From speech science and language development to the anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing mechanisms, students in the program will receive early training in the highly technical and scientific field of communicative sciences. They will study clinical methods and clinical procedures, while also being introduced to best practices for interventions.

Course offerings include everything from linguistics, sound, and psychology, to the biological and biomedical sciences. At the advanced course levels, students will study the brain, cognitive sciences, and neuroscience. The major also includes a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, teaching students to foster a welcoming and accessible atmosphere in both future practice and in the profession.

By Melissa Priebe

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