Macomb Immigrant Service Center Names Joe Grimm Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

”Joe Grimm”, a Michigan State University School of Journalism Editor in Residence, will be awarded the Macomb Immigrant Service Center's inaugural "E Pluribus Unum" Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award will be presented at the organization's annual dinner gala, "We Celebrate America," on Friday, November 10 in Warren, Michigan.

Grimm is being honored for his work on the Bias Busters book series and other endeavors throughout his career which promote diversity.

MISC's "E Pluribus Unum" Lifetime Achievement Award will be given each year to an individual or organization in Metro Detroit whose life, heart and career are deepening America's understanding that our diverse citizenry is our unique strength.

MISC praises Grimm's career, stating that for decades he has exemplified a uniquely inventive and full commitment to this national ideal. MISC also praises the 2016 publication of "100 Questions about Immigrants to America," edited by Dawn Psyarchik of MSU's Department of Advertising + Public Relations , and part of the 12-book Bias-Buster series Grimm has led.