Lena Wood Lands Production Internship at ABC Studios for The Chew

Lena Wood Lands Production Internship at ABC Studios, The Chew Lena Wood spent her summer in New York at ABC Studios on set of The Chew.

She worked as the production assistant intern under the production assistants. Her day consisted of assisting the production assistants in various tasks, helping the audience coordinators and providing support in the office.

Wood’s role consisted of setting up the green rooms, coordinating hair and makeup and setting up the guests or hosts of the show. Whatever they needed, she and her co-workers did. At times, this included washing all the dishes used in The Chew, which is a cooking talk show. When she helped the audience coordinators, she set up the stands outside and ordered the audience into their sections within the studio. If she wasn’t assisting individuals, she was in the office making small runs.

Through Wood’s time as an intern in New York, she learned to be confident. She mentioned that the other producers looked intimidating but everyone was more than willing to answer questions.

“I learned to say yes to everything, have good behavior and follow instructions,” Wood said.

Wood was able to be in the studio everyday and see the different aspects of what each individual did. She was surprised at how young the other production assistants were. Most were in the range of 24 to 25 years old. Her internship helped her create great connections. Her connections led her to work in both TV and movie production. She now understands which field she wants to work in due to those connections.

Moving forward, Wood hopes to work for Good Morning America or the Wendy show. With her previous internships, her co-workers are willing to help and connect her with individuals to bring her into those TV sets. Wood encouraged other students to seek out job shadows.

“Looking into job shadowing at a company you want to work at may put you above others to secure that internship or job,” she said. “Start looking early for those internships and jobs. Have a game plan and research your options.”