Journalism Senior Interns for Lansing United

Since she was a little girl, Hannah Holiday has always had a passion for soccer, so when she heard about the opportunity to intern for Lansing United, she couldn’t turn it away.

Holiday is a senior at Michigan State, majoring in journalism and minoring in German and sports reporting. Her education and love for all things soccer made her the perfect candidate for the position.

Holiday spent time with the woman’s team during daily practices by taking videos and photos for the team’s social media accounts. She also had the chance to interact with fans during the games through live streams and on-site tweeting. After the games, Holiday got to interview the coaches and players and write game recaps for the media.

Through her experience at Lansing United, Holiday has proved the saying “you get out what you put in” to be very true. Holiday learned what it means to be a sports reporter, was exposed to the tools and experience to build her video and social portfolio, made connections in the sports industry, travelled with the team, and worked with the press.

“Working for Lansing United taught me great lessons in terms of not getting nervous when interviewing,” said Holiday. Thanks to her internship, Holiday feels more comfortable with asking the right questions and developing relationships with the people she interviews.

The best advice Holiday wanted to share with journalism freshman is to be involved in as much as possible. Holiday encouraged students to take a risk and apply to anything that interests them.